Our Firm

What We Do and Why We Do It

What Distinguishes Us from the Other Lawyers?

It would be difficult to travel in Boston or Fall River without passing several lawyers during your travels.  These cities have many — perhaps too many — lawyers. But how many of these lawyers are ready, willing, and able to travel a challenging legal path with you?  Many lawyers look for the way to take the most money from you while delivering you the least effort. These lawyers think of themselves mainly as business men and business women.

At the Law Offices of Mark Booker, we are trial advocates first.  This means that we don’t look for the easy way out of a case for ourselves. Instead, we look at the best way out of a case for you, including by trial if that advances your best interests.  Although trying your case generally means that handling your case will be less profitable for us (because of the substantial number of hours that we will work for you to prepare your case for trial), we would not have it any other way.  We place your legal interests above our business interests.

Criminal Defense

When the government charges you with a crime, you are facing a powerful accuser.  The executive branches of the state and federal governments draw upon a considerable reserve of economic and non-economic resources in prosecuting persons whom they charge with crimes.  Many of the lawyers who staff the offices of the District Attorney and the United States Attorney also bring to their jobs formidable education and training.  The criminal setting involves patently high stakes, including the liberty or life of the person charged with a crime.  In such a setting, the need for effective, unflagging legal representation becomes particularly acute.

Civil Litigation

High-priced, large law firms advance the interests of well funded corporate clients.  Many of the lawyers in these law firms have attended fine schools and have resumes decked out with impressive accomplishments. Persons whose interests conflict with those of these law firms’ clients, therefore, can face difficult odds of success in adversarial proceedings such as litigation. These persons need to have on their side a law firm with the capacity and the will to fight for them.

The Law Offices of Mark Booker exists to meet these needs.