A defender, not a pretender.

If you find yourself on the other side of the federal or state government in a criminal case, then you need to obtain the very best legal representation you can find.  You need a defender — someone who will defend you effectively and vigorously, not a pretender — someone who is friends with the lawyer who is prosecuting you or who is more interested in what the police say than in what you say.  We promise to defend you in accordance with four basic principles that define and shape the way that we practice law.  Here’s our promise.

Our promise to you: diligence, loyalty, respect, and trust.

Diligence: We will work diligently on your behalf.  This work includes efforts aimed specifically at your matter and efforts aimed generally at maintaining knowledge of, and facility with, developments in the law.

Loyalty: We do not view our relationship with you as merely a business transaction.  We owe — and fulfill — an unwavering duty of loyalty to you.

Respect: We represent you in part because your interests have been ignored and your rights have been violated.  Every productive interpersonal relationship requires respect.

Trust: To form an effective attorney-client relationship with us, you must feel sufficient trust in us to entrust us with your legal matters.  But to realize the full array of benefits from the attorney-client relationship, we must trust each other; this trust can only develop over time.